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Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Update: It's been one full year since the launch of my "private consulting practice" and the results have been more extraordinary than I expected.


A small group of dedicated entrepreneurs have taken their businesses and their lives to the next level.


Out of the original group who stuck it out, 1 person is on pace to quadruple his business, 2 have tripled their revenue, and 5 have doubled.


How? Simply by implementing the processes and procedures I teach all day long for organizational turnaround. If you are committed to taking your business to the next level this year, it's time to join us on The Path.


From the traveling laptop of KungFuSteve.

You want to do better.


You want to take action.


You want to make and keep more money.


You want to be even more successful.


You want to live on purpose.


You need a coach.


I can be that coach for you.


If you don’t already know me, my name is Steve.


I’ve been around this forum since (practically) the beginning.


And before I tell you the long-winded story about my years of homelessness, spending the last of my food money on a book that transformed my life, and ultimately finding myself learning the foundations of business from a guy we’ve all come to admire around here (thanks, MJ) …


…let me start by calling out…

All the BULLSHIT "coaches" are tossing around... 

You know the people…


… they post motivational quotes on their Facebook and call themselves a “life coach”…


… their LinkedIn profile lists them as a motivational speaker (when they’ve never spoke), a coach (when they don’t know the first thing about it), and an entrepreneur (when they’ve never had a business) …


… they claim to be experts in different schools of psychology they’ve never studied…


… they often tell people about the hundreds or THOUSANDS of SUCCESSFUL people they’ve coached (and obviously they are the sole reason they are successful) …


Let me clear something up…

This is not THAT.

I’m a professional coach.


In fact, it’s how I make my living these days.  


I could tell you all about my years as a martial arts coach, how I built world champions, how I built my school, how I got into business with my heterosexual life partner (@GlobalWealth), how I bought my new business, or even my consulting practice…


…but I’m guessing all you really want to hear that proves I (might) know what I’m doing is that…

I am the national trainer for the number one coach on the planet.

All I’ve done day in and day out for the past 5 years is speak for, coach, and consult with...


Fortune 500s, business professionals, entrepreneurs, sales managers… the list goes on…


At this point I’ve done a little over 2,000 live trainings (and, no, that number isn’t even slightly exaggerated) with the highest performing companies to help them hit the next level… and also take the worst performing companies and turn them around.


I’ve been fortunate enough to be coached by the best and now it’s my turn to create a little practice of my own, so…

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

The Path is an ongoing coaching program for entrepreneurs.


It's one part personal development program (specifically handling the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur), and one part advanced business strategies and systems.


We’re going to…

  • Get extremely clear about what you’re after. We’ll figure out customized metrics for you (so you can actually figure out if you’re progressing or not) …

  • Explore what drives all decisions and how to take control of our lives (so you stop saying you want one thing but keep doing something else)

  • Identify and tackle the B.S. (belief systems) that are holding us back (so you consistently take action towards your goals instead of stopping and starting over and over) …

  • Learn and apply advanced business skills that are normally reserved for only for those with extremely deep pockets (I may or may not have spent a few hundred grand getting coached by some of the best of the industry) ...I'll show you what I've learned.

  • Build a new morning ritual that gets you laser focused on your outcomes for the day (if all you did in this program was this 5-minute thing for the next 30 days, your entire life would be different – that’s how powerful it is).

On top of this, we'll be covering specific systems to implement in your business including:

  • Shifting from a business OPERATOR to a business OWNER.


    ​Most business owners were never taught that the definition of a business: a system for delivering value in a timely and efficient manner. 


    Because of this, most people have a high-paying job instead of a real business that can run with or without them.


    We'll uncover how to create systems and procedures in your business to get it running at peak efficiency, and ultimately how to replace yourself in the business if you choose to do so.


  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities


    When you're on your own, it's tough to see the forest through the trees. With some well crafted questions and a bit of outsiders perspective we can identify new profit centers, shift offers to make them more appealing, and create new steams of income for your business.


    After all, there are only 3 ways to grow any business and once you understand that, we can find underutilized resources and increase revenue practically overnight.


  • World Class Marketing


    One of my personal expertise is marketing. As a consultant I've routinely doubled and tripled businesses starting with local mom and pop shops in my early years to what I do today where I work with Fortune 500s and other massive organizations.


    Understanding how to tell the right story, at the right time, to the right people -- we can shift your underperforming marketing assets into customer acquisition machines.

“How will this help me?”

First, it increases awareness. We take time to look at your life and business from the outside.


Second, it gets your emotions under control. Emotional management is imperative to making progress in your business and your life (not to mention the critical decisions we make day-to-day).


Finally, it demands massive action.


We’re going to make commitments and follow through for predictable results.


That’s it.

Here’s what this isn’t:

This isn’t therapy. We’re not going to explore your past or try to make sense of your childhood.


We’re simply going to start where we are and move forward.


It’s a future-focused, mind-blowing process.


Let me be clear:


I won’t be finding you a product to sell… I won’t be telling you what business to get into… I’m not going to do the work for you… and nor will I help you make life-altering decisions…


I’m going to hold you accountable but we’re not building dependency here.


My job is to teach you the tools, strategies, and distinctions that will empower you to finally do this stuff on your own.

Why am I doing this?

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time (my own private coaching practice) …


I love to be around people who actually want something for their lives…


After a massively successful pilot program this is now the real deal.


It's a full-scale private group coaching program with some of the most successful business folks I’ve met from around the world.



But there are a couple of rules:


1. No negativity.


Don’t bring your bullshit into the group. Toxic attitudes will not be tolerated. We’re doing this to build and grow and while I’m not the hugging and flower-giving type – we’re here to support each other and help any way we can.


2. When you hit it big, I’d like to share your progress with others.


Yeah, it’s a clever way to generate testimonials.


Of course you can tell me no – I will respect your privacy 100% (and I damn sure expect you do the same for everyone in the group)… but if you’re up for it, I’d like to get you ridiculous results and use those results to influence others to join the most expensive version later 😊


3. If you're going to tell me that you're not doing the exercises, don't join.


The biggest mistake business owners make is that they spend WAY too much time working IN the business and not ON the business.


They roll out of bed to answer emails...


They constantly try to put out fires...


They stress all day long about sales or refunds or the latest major hurdle...


These problems are all solved with some strategic planning and organization... but that won't ever happen if you don't MAKE them time to do it. That's why the standards and accountability in this group is so powerful... you force yourself to do the things you don't normally do.


That's the whole reason for a coach in the first place!


So Here’s the deal…

If you want to join and be my coaching client, here’s how it works…


First, you enroll by clicking the link and finding the button at the bottom of the page, and then you’ll get immediate access to the membership site.


You’ll see a couple of short videos (5-10 minutes – we’re busy and we don’t need to sit around all day watching training). 


They’ll introduce the first couple of ideas and concepts we’ll be working on (including building out your metrics and how we’re going to track our progress) and then I’ll give you a couple of days to get that done.


From there we’ll do a weekly call -- Sundays @ 10am CST (don’t worry, it’ll be recorded if you can’t make it). We’ll do live examples, live coaching, and set you up for the next week’s short video and action plan.


You’ll also have daily access to me for questions via email or the private Facebook group.


It’s a coaching program designed for entrepreneurs who want lasting change.


Coaching is month to month.


Payment is automatic monthly.


I recommend at least a year commitment.


I don't offer refunds for previous months, but you can cancel at anytime.


Cost is $297 per month.


You can enroll below.


Your life is about to change.


You are the hero on The Path.


I’m the guide.


Don’t stay lost.


Follow me.

Enroll today for only US$297/month



Listen, this is advanced coaching, not hand-holding. I am going to do everything in my power to help guide you on The Path... but you're expected to do the work.

We're actually going to clarify what your goals are and literally take action on them daily.


Besides the specific techniques and skill set I've learned from "my boss" to get you over any psychological humps you might face -- there's really nothing special about this program. No secret sauce. No magic pill. No magic bullet. Clarity. Hard Work. Accountability.


ALSO -- if $200 is going to break you -- DO NOT SIGN UP.


You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.


(and check your spam if you don't see it immediately)

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